We've got your Self-Publishing Marketing Needs Sorted!

Basic Website Package

$800 NZ Dollars
  • Basic Website (5 pages max)
  • Book Trailer (SD)
  • Website Graphics
  • 6mths Site Maintenance
  • Please note: This package doesn't include Hosting or Domain Name, and Book Trailers are in Standard Definition only.

eCommerce Website Package

$1600 NZ Dollars
  • Basic Website
  • Book Trailer (SD)
  • Website Graphics
  • 6mths Site Maintenance
  • eCommerce Store
  • Please note: This package doesn't include Hosting or Domain Name, and Book Trailers are in Standard Definition only..

Extra Design Services

$200 NZ Dollars extra per service
  • Stationery Graphics (5 items)
  • Extra Book Trailers (SD)
  • Social Media (5 Sites)Set-up
  • Activities & Craft Design
  • Type Setting (Ebook Formatting Included)
  • Complex Ebook Formatting
  • 5 Hr Virtual Assistence /mth
  • Newsletter Setup
  • Media Kit

And you might have guessed, we don't just work with self-publishers and writers....

What our customers are saying...


'We started a small boutique real estate agency in early 2016 and although we were small we wanted to make a big impact through our web presence. Joy at Findlay Creative has been doing just that through producing a simple website quickly and efficiently, setting us up on various social media platforms and maintaining these on an ongoing basis. She's big on details and is always looking at how we can improve on what we're doing.

As a business owner I want to be focused on doing what I'm good at. Having Joy take care of what she does best means we're growing our little start-up with a lot less stress, less time and less money than traditional advertising. I highly recommend using Findlay Creative to take your business to the next level effectively and efficiently in the only space that matters to most of your customers, the web.'
~ Jason Penny, Hamilton, New Zealand  www.oneagencyhamilton.co.nz

Reea Roberts Testimony Pic

'Findlay Creative was referred to me by one of my business associates as I was looking for someone to build my company's website. I have to say that working with Findlay Creations was nothing short of Miraculous... Being a business owner and not having a vast knowledge of the industry, Bevan and Joy were absolutely amazing answering the many questions I had. In addition to that they were able to further assist me whenever any issue arose. And because of this I was able to adapt very quickly. Joy's work ethics was very meticulous as she is very detailed which and for me was great. Her creativity shows no bounds as it is highlighted in the many work she produced for me. I absolutely love my website and my Ecommerce store.' ~ Reea Roberts, New York, USA.  www.darapublishing.co

Briar Sturgeon Testimony Pic

'I have found working with Joy and Bevan Findlay very comforting in knowing that I will get the best service and products I am after.  The response is very timely and professional and they always go that extra mile when required.  They communicate throughout the process to ensure I get a product I am after.' ~ Briar Sturgeon, Ohaupo, New Zealand  www.strategicproperty.co.nz

Bell Telem Goudsmit Testimony Pic

‘A positive and gentle attitude are the most important characteristics that I wish to find in people I meet and work with. Findlay creative team, Joy and Bevan Findlay, did and still do such a wonderful work to make things not only easier for me, but to promote my book and my very new business in such a pleasant, professional, creative and admirable way.
These young couple showed from the very beginning so much dignity, professionalism, care and respect to my ideas and products, that with their profound understanding and knowledge in web designing, a website which I’m very proud of, was formed in only several days.
It was and still a pleasure to work with Joy and Bevan and although I live in New Jersey and they are located on the other side of the planet, choosing to work with Findlay Creative was one of my best business decisions.’
~ Bell Telem Goudsmit, New Jersey, USA  www.bsmartnplay.com

'Joy, You provide an invaluable service in formatting my little picture books. One I can't do myself. While I've challenged myself to learn all I can in the self publishing process there are still some techy things I haven't been able to wrap my head around. I'd be happy to write a testimony. I was just trying to clean up my amazon site and figure out some of the new amazon self publishing features to turn my picture book e-books into print books. I've just ordered my first batch of books to see how they turned out. Can't wait!'  ~ Donna Danielle McCartney
Find Donna on Amazon.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in designing and building an Author Website?

Every website we design and build is as different as the authors we create them for. The basic process is generally as follows:

  1. Fill in and return Creative Brief
  2. Pay 50% deposit
  3. Provide Business Logo & Email
  4. Provide Author Photo & Bio
  5. Provide Book Product Photo & Description
  6. Provide other Page Graphics and Elements such as activities
  7. Write your first Blog Post
  8. Set up your Social Media Pages
  9. Provide Images & Script for Book Trailer
  10. Set up PayPal for eCommerce
  11. Provide Postal Address for Shipping
  12. Provide Terms & Conditions copy
  13. Set up Newsletter
  14. Provide Testimony Quotes

The process isn't limited to this list, and every author is after something a little different in their own website. We endeavour to create a website that meets each author's needs, and because we authors ourselves, we understand what it means to be self-publishers.

What other costs are involved outside of the Author Website Packages?

There are a few extra costs that we don't include in our website packages as they differ from client to client, but they need to be paid for before the website design and build can begin. They include:

  1. Hosting - $250 NZD per year
  2. Domain Name - Between $15NZD & $55 NZD per year

As you can see, these are ongoing costs that will need to be paid annually.

We have included a list of other services that we have on offer that are also not apart of our Author Website packages. These all cost $200 NZD each service and include:

  1. Stationery Graphics
  2. Extra Book Trailers
  3. Social Media Set-up
  4. Activities & Craft Design
  5. Basic Ebook Formatting
Why does an eCommerce website cost so much more to create?

There is a whole lot more to build and design in a website that has an eCommerce store page. Because of this, we have to adjust our prices to reflect the time and energy spent in building an online book store.

For the author who wants to sell their books from their own website and distribute products themselves, we can make the whole process easy-peazy from start to finish, for both you as the author and for your customers.

But if you want to sell books on your website but you don't want to set up an eCommerce Store, talk to us today about other options available to you.

What kind of Graphics do you provide as part of these Author Website Packages?

As part of our Author Website Packages, we design graphic images of your website and book trailer that you can post to your blog, your social media pages or email them to your mailing list, letting everyone know your website is read and waiting for them to visit. Below is an example of what these graphics look like:

Rocket Boy Books

Rocket Boy Books

What happens to the website once our 6 months Site Maintenance comes to an end?

After 6 months, we will hand the website over to you to manage and maintain yourself. If this feels like an impossible thing, then let us train you over that 6 months to maintain your website yourself. We can teach you how to list new products and post new blogs, upload your new book trailers and verify comments on your blog or product ratings.

If you want us to continue to work on maintaining your website as a virtual assistant, we will charge you $40 NZD per hour for this service.

If I want to move my website to another hosting services, am I stuck with using the start-up hosting services?

We build our client's websites in such a way that if at the end of the first year they want to move their website to a different hosting service, then they can.

You are not tied down to using Findlay Creative to host and maintain your website. Just give us plenty of notice and we can package the whole website up to transfering it to another provider. We don't want anyone feeling like they are stuck where they are. If you find a better package, then go for it.

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