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Odelia approached us to update and maintain her current website. After checking it out, it was apparent that the site needed a lot of work, with many plug-ins either not activated or no longer in service. We ended up rebuilding Odelia's website from scratch, keeping with her website's design, atmosphere and functionality. It has been loads of fun creating the Movement Bliss website.

About Movement Bliss

Discover the union of body and spirit that unique to Yoga but with the flow of Dance!

Shake Your Soul® is a dynamic dance experience that transforms and heals. Both a health practice and a spiritual practice, it awakens your sense of joy, freedom, grace, strength, and vitality. Rediscover your instinct to move and dance with soul and passion!
SYS includes very simple, easy to follow moves influenced by different movement forms set to highly inspirational world music, which calm your nervous system, energize your body and elevate your spirit.

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